TransClust with missing values - Tutorials

Clustering with missing values

We were able to integrate missing values into the transitivity clustering process. From a user perspective, only the creation of the cost matrices changed. Here, we present our new tool for the creation of cost matrices, the CostMatrixCreator. This tool supports the user to efficiently create cost matrices, especially for large projects. This Creator supports the user to generate cost matrices by only providing your protein sequences in FASTA format and a link to your BLAST executables. The support for missing values drastically reduces the BLAST running time while keeping the cluster quality at a high level. Afterwards, the resulting cost matrices can be fed to the normal TransClust tool, or can upload to our convenient web-interface. Therefore, we provide two different tutorials:

  1. Missing Values using our web interface
  2. Stand alone version of CMC

Normal Clustering

If you don't want to use TransClust with missing values, please refer to our normal tutorials.