Welcome to TransClust

What is TransClust?

A feature-rich clustering tool for biomedical data sets

TransClust is a comprehensive clustering tool that incorporates the hidden transitive nature occuring e.g. within biomedical data sets. It is based on Weighted Transitive Graph Projection problem.

Core Developers

Mainly Developed in the Computational Systems Biology group

Core Features at a Glance

TransClust supports the user from pre-processing to post-processing

TransClust is maybe one of the feature-richest clustering tools available. Here are just some of the many highlights of TransClust:

  • TransClust can handle missing values
  • TransClust is freely available as a Java Program
  • You don't want to install any software? Then try the online clutering solutions on this website.
  • TransClust is also included into Cytoscape as a plug-in
  • TransClust also can perform hierarchical clusterings
  • TransClust provides the user with many pre- and post-processing features:
    • Creating Costmatrizes from BLAST and FASTA files
    • Parameter training using a gold standards
    • Immediately provides numerous graphs for analyzing the output as well as the input data


More papers can be found when you browse to "Cite TransClust"

Wittkop T, Emig D, Lange SJ, Rahmann S, Albrecht M, Morris JH, Böcker S, Stoye J, Baumbach J (2010) Partitioning biological data with Transitivity Clustering. Nature Methods 2010 Jun;7(6):419-20. PubMed